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Accreditation & Membership

Symbol of Global Recognition & Acceptance

Camville University has gained a number of memberships and internships from higher education bodies for providing excellent education. These relations help us improve the quality and content of online courses so our students review optimal education that’s highly effective and career-oriented. Getting accredited by members of world’s leading organizations assures that Camville University delivers exceptional education, both in quality and affordability. Our associations show that Camville fully meets the online education criteria set by the international accreditation bodies. Every professional field at Camville University is recognized, accredited, and accepted worldwide. This is the reason why Camville University’s graduates are preferred by top recruiters.

Global Council for Online Education & Accreditation

GCOEA is an independent not-for profit organization, recognized by higher educational bodies all around the world. Global Council for Online Education Accreditation grants accreditation to individuals as well as working adults. We are committed to provide quality standards to online educational institutes so that they can be known all around the world. GCOEA aims to promote highest quality standards, serving the online educational institutes effectively.

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European Council for Online Learning

European Commission for Online Learning is one of the most renowned educational accreditations councils based in the Europe, working for setting higher standards for academic programs and educational institutes to ensure the delivery of quality education to students, worldwide.

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Higher Education Commission for Gulf Region

HECGR in an independent accrediting council that has its presence not only in the gulf countries but all around the world. Our council has highly qualified and extremely successful professionals as its members. HECGR accredits academic programs and institutions that offer international standard higher education to the students in gulf

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Global Board for Certified I.T Professionals

GBCITP is an international council for information technology students and professionals. Our aim is to mend quality standards for programs and institutions offering education in information technology.. GBCITP has a mission of setting higher and similar quality standards for educational programs and institutes that are offering education in Information Technology, all around the world to benefit I.T students and future experts.

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North African Higher Learning Commission

The North Africa Higher Learning Commission is an independent educational commission striving to provide North African students with better educational opportunities by offering various educational services including distance learning educational assistance, credit equivalency services and providing accreditations to educational institutions in Sudan and other North African countries.

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