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Career Center

Our Career Services

Camville University offers extensive career services dedicated to prepare our students to succeed in the professional work. From considering graduate school to career planning, we offer one on one support to help you plan and achieve career success. We will help you define your potential to succeed and foster professional and career development skills. Our career center connects with you employers and enable you to easily find job and internship opportunities.

Placement Services

Camville University specifically caters to working students who want to learn without sacrificing on their current job. More than 90% of students at University of Camville are employed at renowned organizations at reputable position with their extensive and relevant experience in their field. The admission department at the University of Camville prefers students with extensive professional experience and has proven their work record with current and past employers. However, students of University of Camville are looking for better job opportunities, they offer placement services.


Internship opportunities enable students to gain real life experience of working in a professional environment. For students who wish to slightly change their career paths, the internship opportunities are an excellent way to get an insight of new industry and build contacts. During the internship period, students get to work on live projects and gain the experience that prepares them for the competitive job market. Internships are both paid and unpaid depending upon the field of industry you choose.


Our students and graduates who intend to complete their academic programs, Camville University helps them in career placements through cooperation with a large number of employers in all regions seeking high-quality employees. Camville University has employed some of the best employers and is constantly making effort to induct more leading companies on its panel. In order to provide perpetual HR support for employers' human resources, student job placement plans have been established through mutual cooperation with corporate organizations.

Career Focused Education

Camville University allows you to broaden your career prospects through internships and training programs that specialize in your area of interest. Camville University provides specialized educational planning and support to help students pursue their education to become professionals in their field. In this regard, Camville University enables people to acquire education in the relevant field of study to earn potential income.

The Continuing Education Department at Camville University facilitate these students by offering them personalized career-oriented academic counseling and guides them through the academic process to ultimately help them achieve their desired academic goals with enhanced job opportunities with better pay scales.

Specialized Programs and Courses

Under the Career-Focused Education Programs, Camville University allows candidates to study specialized programs and course in their relevant field of interest to enhance their career prospects.