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University Of Camville’s Expert Faculty

Camville University is a top-ranking online university with unmatched educational system, highly competent faculty, world-class scholars, and industry professionals. Camville University’s faculty members bring years of practical experience from all the around the globe, having valuable knowledge and skills. At Camville University, we have both full time and part-time educators who have experience in a wide array of design and development study and course programs. They manage the assessments of class work and assignments. Moreover, they also facilitate students in providing them recommendation letters for better job employments globally.

Role of Our Faculty

Camville University’s faculty members are committed towards improving and maintaining the educational standards by delivering quality education. They enlighten our students with the industry insight and challenges. Our faculty members come from all over the world, bringing unconventional learning so that students can get ample opportunities to establish appropriate skills and personality qualities.

The diverse and experienced faculty continually work to plan a sustainable future and advance career prospect of the student community. We make sure our students get full assistance and support in their respective field of interest.

At Camville University, we categorize our faculty as follows:

1) Associated faculty
2) Visiting faculty
3) Permanent faculty

Associated Faculty

University of Camville has world class faculty members who are constantly looking forward towards the advancement of procedures and educational modules. Their major duties are:

Following are some of the renowned permanent faculty members of University of Camville

  • Mr. Raul C. Saephan

    Permanent Faculty
    School of Business and Management
  • Mr. Simmon Philip

    Permanent Faculty
    School of Education
  • Mr. Williams Long

    Permanent Faculty
    School of Health Sciences
  • Ms. Adriana Garcia

    Permanent Faculty
    School of Natural Sciences
  • Ms. Cathy Hansen

    Permanent Faculty
    School of Applied Arts
  • Mr. Elroy Gills

    Permanent Faculty
    School of Law and Legal Studies
  • Mr. Martin Miller

    Permanent Faculty
    School of Social Services
  • Ms. Sandra Wilmore

    Permanent Faculty
    School of Occupational Safety

Visiting Faculty

Our highly qualified visiting staff comprises of experienced experts from everywhere throughout the world. These experts are the most proficient and refreshed corporate individuals, surpassing in their career and contributing to the society with their educational services. Following are the most well-known visiting faculty members who are currently working at University of Camville.

  • Mr.Adam Clifford

    Visiting Faculty
    School of Engineering
  • Mr. David N. Terrill

    Visiting Faculty
    School of Psychology
  • Ms. Grace Charles

    Visiting Faculty
    School of Engineering
  • Ms. Loretta Jackson

    Visiting Faculty
    School of Criminal Justice